How To Prepare For The Lap Band Surgery Procedure

Gastric sleeve surgery is a weight-loss surgical procedure which involves removing a large portion of the stomach in order to induce weight shedding in severely obese patients. However, preparing for a gastric plication surgery benefits can be a very scary and also nerve-racking. Mainly, if one has never had this or any other surgery before.

Taking the steps to prepare for the surgery can help one feel more comfortable during the day of a surgery, feel less stressed about the procedure, and also can help the recovery. See the following tips on how to prepare for the gastric sleeve surgery:

Quit Smoking!

Smoking is usually bad for your health. There are a lot of reasons to stop or quit. But smoking before undergoing surgery can be especially dangerous. Smoking raises the risk of blood clots, pneumonia, infection and also poor healing. It’s important to stop smoking at least three weeks before surgery as a way of preparation.

Minimize Stress

Lap band surgery procedure can be a hectic experience. These stresses affect one on making it hard to eat well, to sleep and also very hard to pay attention to the doctor’s guidelines. One can minimize the stress by planning ahead. It is good to ask questions at the appointment before a surgery. One can pack a bag with all things one might require or want in the hospital. Also one can arrange for a help at home from friends and the entire family. Buy foods you may need at home if your diet has to change. Being prepared will minimize your feelings of stress!

Eat Healthy

It is very essential to stay hydrated and also healthy before the surgery. It is important to ensure that one is eating enough or a lot of protein because they help with healing and also drinking enough water. However also avoiding fast food drive is vital since one can’t want to go to the surgery dehydrated thus it is advisable to avoid drinking sodas and also eating food with too much salt because they can worsen dehydration.



Surgery is commonly tough on the body! By having exercising at least a weeks before one undergoing the surgery can help the body get into shape. One will be comfortable after any surgery. One might also have to depend on the muscles one doesn’t use very often, mainly if one will be using walker or crutches after surgery. Walking is very vital after surgery because it prevents pneumonia, blood clots, and also will get one out of the hospital within a short time. It’s important to prepare the body by either asking the doctor any special exercises one should do before a surgery.

Get your sleep

It is vital to be well rested for the day of surgery. One wants the mind to be clear to listen to the instructions. If one are tired and also stressed from too little sleep, this would be harder. In addition, sleep is essential to the recovery after a surgery. Getting the sleep that you need is important to overcome the challenges that can result during the day of a surgery.

Take your medications

Prescriptions are not recommendations, they are particular instructions. At the appointment before the surgery, go over the medications with the surgeon. It’s important to ask if there is any medication one must stop before undergoing the surgery.

Blood thinners, such as coumadin, aspirin, warfarin, Plavix, and also xeralto, might need to be stopped. Clarify this with the surgeon. Further, ask the surgeon which medications would help one heal from surgery.

Bring a support team

Let the family and also friends know you are having a surgery. Ask at least one person to come with you to the hospital. They will help one to think of the most important questions and also listen to the essential instructions from the doctor that one might forget. Further, it’s more comforting to have someone with you who one can trust at the hospital.


Preparing for the gastric sleeve surgery or any other kind of surgery can be more overwhelming. Feeling more overwhelmed can mainly lead to the unneeded stress. Avoid all this by the asking of questions, also by following the instructions and also staying informed before and also after the surgery. Most essentially, don’t worry since the fact is one is going to do great during the surgery. The above are some of the answers on How to prepare for the gastric sleeve surgery? If you have other questions visit us at