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Call Center Operations Excel Sheets & Documents to add value

Running a successful call center goes beyond setting it up properly and training your employees. It needs constant nurturing to make sure you maintain your position as a marketplace leader.

This call center operations module gives you the tools necessary to manage ongoing activities so you can ensure that not only do you start your contact center out the right way, but that it continues to be highly functioning throughout its entire life cycle.

Because the nature of the call center business means that a large part of your day is spent dealing with immediate problems, planning ahead is a task that is sometimes neglected. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you so you can easily maintain the high standards you set from the start.

From an annual budget that can help you set realistic goals to resources for your day-to-day needs, the Step To Call Center kit provides you with all the tools you need for call center operations:

  • Call center annual budget spreadsheets that do all the calculating for you
  • Call forecasting and scheduling spreadsheets which keep your staff on point and on goal at all times
  • Call center operational reports that allow you to monitor progress continually
  • Email templates that save you and your staff work writing so that you can devote more time to profit-enhancing activities
  • Chat phrases which enable you to put together call scripts for a variety of purposes quickly and easily
  • And More…

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 contact center Operational Documents & Excel Templates



  • A full comprehensive Call Center/Contact Center Budget Spreadsheets & templates. Read More about call center Budget Document
  • Call Center day to day operations documents & Templates. Read More about call center operation Documents
  • Calls forecasting and agent scheduling templates and sheets.
  • Customer Segmentation Tool.
  • Full set of all the call center operational Excel Templates reports.
  • Chat Canned Phrases.

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Call Center Operation Documents & Excel Templates Samples


4.1. Budget Sheet Budget Summary, Capital Expansion Sheet, Operational Sheet, Manpower Budget Sheet (MS Excel Templates)

4.2. Day To Day Operational Documents

4.2.1. CRM Request Form

4.2.2. Head Set Request Form (MS Word Template)

4.2.3. Duty Swap Form With its producer (MS Word Template)

4.2.4. Leave & Absent Form (MS Word Template)

4.3. Calls forecasting and agent scheduling templates and sheets. ( MS Excel Sheets)

4.3.1. Absenteeism

4.3.2. Forecast control

4.3.3. Staff capacity

4.4. Chat Canned Phrases (MS Word Template)

4.5. Call Center Operational Reports

4.5.1. Agent Breaks Interval Report (MS Excel Spreadsheet)

4.5.2. Sample Agent Single Skill Summary Interval History Report (MS Excel Sheet)

4.5.3. Agent Attendance Daily Historical Report (MS Excel Sheet)

4.5.4. Trunk Daily Report (MS Excel Template Sheet)

4.5.5. Agent Split Skill Daily Report (MS Excel Templates Sheet)

4.5.6. Daily Shift Report (MS Word)

4.5.7. Inquiries Reports (MS Excel Template spreadsheets)

4.5.8. contact center Daily Analysis Dashboard Report (MS Excel Template Sheets)

4.6. Standard Emails

4.6.1. Standard Emails to forward to other supported department or clients

4.6.2. Standard Emails Templates to handle customer inquires and requests

4.7. Staff Scheduling Annual Leave Calendar – Year 2009

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Step To Call Center

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Step To Call Center

1- What Is CRM?
2- CRM Implementation and Setup
3- Customer Information and Database
4- CRM Management Business Plan and Management
5- Customer Satisfaction

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