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Trainings to Call Center Customer Service brings all the required changes in your Call Center

Training Materials for Call Center Soft Skills

The needs of training for a business such as Call Center become highly essential to identify before implementing any training materials or solutions.

Step to call center customer service training module

saves your efforts and time to develop and identify the training materials required for your call center team.

Acquire your need in just one sojourn with Step to call center kit.


Trainings for Customer Service Skills for Listening Customer Service Attitude Skills Questioning Writing Skills for Emails
Standards of Call Center Telephone Skills Standards Handling Upset Customers Communication Skills For Customer Service Representative Skills Tests of Customer Service Training And Orientation Plan
Advanced communication Skills E-Mail Etiquettes call center
Effective Listening Skills Management of Time

Call Center Customer Service Materials & Trainings



This training of call center includes all significant areas to satisfy customer service staff and 2 Documents to test customer service skills.

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Training Materials for Call Center Snapshot Samples

Trainings module contents for call center

(MS Power Point) Attitude- General

(MS Power Point) Customer Service- Front line Team

(MS Power Point) Skills of Listening- General

(MS Power Point) Communication proficiency for customer service rep- Front Line Team

(MS Power Point) Handling Upset Customers- General

(MS Power Point) Email Writing Skills- General

(MS Power Point) Questioning Skills- Front Line Team

(MS Word) Telephone Skills Standards- Front Line Team

(MS Power Point) Advanced communication skills- Management level

(MS Power Point) E-Mail Etiquettes- General

(MS Power Point) Effective Listening Skills- General

(MS Power Point) Time Management- Management level

(MS Word) Customer Service Test- General

(MS Word) Customer Service Skill tests- General

(MS Project) Call center training and orientation plan- General


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Call Center Trainings module is one of 7 modules included in the kit


Training module for Call center is included in the call center kit as one of 7 modules

Customer service training includes sales and customer service courseware for agents in call center and this training includes:

  • Tested Class room with customizable teaching manual
  • Student workbook
  • Quick reference guide Courseware
  • Power Point slides customizable
  • Extra aids for teaching like icebreakers
  • No licensing fees and contracts
  • Reprinting rights unlimited


Step to call center customer service ensures high quality service training to handle cold and warm calling customers and in succeeding high speed work environment.

Step To Call Center

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Step To Call Center

1- What Is CRM?
2- CRM Implementation and Setup
3- Customer Information and Database
4- CRM Management Business Plan and Management
5- Customer Satisfaction