Motivation of CSR in call center

30 03 2013

Motivation of staff is important for better results. We all know motivated employees work harder and honestly.


But how to motivate your staff? Here are few tips which you can follow:


Happy work force: Provide a great environment to work and take care of them as you want them to take care of your customers. Provide them what they need such as training, technical knowledge, genuine things for personal convenience and constructive feedbacks on regular basis.


Positive attitude: It’s very important for the team managers to consider the economic climate and set genuine targets and objectives. Its tough to convert the deals and there are only fewer opportunities. Team leaders must pass positive vibes in the teams so that they can raise their performance and convert more leads.


Quick fix prices: Offer quick rewards in the team for good performances it can be on monthly basis or project basis. It keeps your employees motivated and happy and its the biggest motivation of CSR in call center at many places.


Rewards for family: Every human being loves his family and wants to keep them happy with sort of things. If you can offer few family trips, parties or dinner vouchers in classic restaurants as the rewards it will definitely motivate them to convert more leads which will bring happy customers for you.


Colorful work space: We all know that most of the vibrant colors keep environment alive. Inspire your staff to work hard and strive for success. Most of the call center follow the dress code and it may sound boring to many employees. So give them bit freedom to dress up in vibrant colors and dress smartly.


You can follow above discussed methods for the motivation of CSR in call center.




Importance of the trainings in a call center

9 03 2013

All aspects of call center training are crucial and whether it be customer service or sales. Values and duties can be different for each call center but customer service training is necessary for all.


Effectively interact in a positive manner with trainees: If trainer is interacting with the team and giving them positive experience and solving their issues and problem in best possible way it will definitely help in the growth of employees.


Training is an investment: In every call center training is considered as the investment of the company. In the week-long training sessions new joiners are briefed about their job profile, technology, process and projects of the call centers. Companies who miss this step   and straight away jump into the project completion bear the losses in long term due to inefficient employees.


Training teaches the terms of call centers: New hires come to terms of call center and its way. They might have worked in another BPO unit but two call centers are never the same. Work atmosphere is different, work structure may be different and process is different otherwise.


Many clients and call centers consider trainings a wastage of money and time, but actually its the time when you train your new employees to work efficiently. They will get involve into the research and will know your rivals and products. Consider these importance of the trainings in a call center and enjoy more healthy and profitable environment.